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Natural Stone Restoration

Natural stone floors–such as travertine, marble and granite–are beautiful, durable and easy to maintain, but they can dull over time. This is especially true when they are treated with wax. However, the Schilling Group can restore the original appearance and shine of your natural stone floors.

Many older natural stone floors were treated with wax. Unfortunately, wax is not a great treatment for natural stone. Since wax is soft and pliable, it dulls over time and attracts dirt and grime. This creates a cloudy, yellow-tinted film over the stone that dulls the shine and changes the color. This waxy film is most noticeable on white or light-colored stones.


The Schilling Group restores the appearance of natural stone floors through a proven process. It includes:

Evaluating & Cleaning

We strip the wax, and the floors are cleaned and neutralized.

Mechanically Polishing

In certain cases, the natural stone is mechanically polished to restore that high-gloss shine.

Applying a Sealer

A micro-penetrating sealer is applied to prevent further damage. This sealer is invisible and not a coating.

Applying a Color Enhancer

If needed, a color enhancer can be used to penetrate the surface of the stone to bring back the original color.

Natural Stone Installation

While the end result is worth the effort, installing natural stone flooring is labor intensive and requires experienced professionals.

As with most flooring, the first step is to prepare the substrate–the surface on which the natural stone tiles are laid. The Schilling Group doesn’t cut corners and uses the right materials and follows every step meticulously to ensure the best results. Next, we perfect the tile layout, make cuts where necessary and use the best grout for natural stone. When done correctly, the result is a perfectly level floor, with immaculate shine and color.

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