Commercial Concrete Polishing & Coating in Iowa City

Whether used in high-traffic manufacturing facilities, restaurants or other retail spaces, polished concrete and coated concrete floors are low maintenance, durable, functional and attractive. They increase the longevity of concrete floors by protecting them from abrasions and deterioration, while adding aesthetic value to any work environment.

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The Schilling Group will take your commercial space of 5,000 square feet or more in Iowa City and transform it into a low-maintenance, extremely functional and attractive work space. Whether you need a large industrial floor epoxy coated or a retail space mechanically polished, we’ll use our extensive experience to recommend the perfect flooring system for your workplace

Concrete Coatings in Iowa City

From epoxy and polyurethane coatings to cementitious overlays, concrete coatings are attractive and durable decorative flooring systems suitable for different business types.

Concrete Polishing in Iowa City

Concrete polishing utilizes specialized grinders to create extremely durable, environmentally friendly, attractive floors that require very minimal maintenance.

Terrazzo Restoration in Iowa City

Terrazzo floors can now be mechanically polished to create durable floors that are virtually maintenance free.

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