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What is Concrete Polishing?

Mechanical concrete polishing is the most environmentally, cost-effective way to polish and maintain your floors. Mechanical polishing utilizes specialized grinders that are lined with diamond bits that get progressively finer as the polishing process is performed. The diamond impregnated bits gradually close the micro pores of the concrete surface until a bright, reflective, and shiny surface appears. If you want to add additional interest to your floor, dyes, artwork, and engraving can be incorporated into the process. The final product is an aesthetically pleasing, extremely durable, high-gloss floor with virtually no maintenance.

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Durability & Maintenance

New techniques and processes make polished concrete floors extremely durable and easy to maintain. Plus, mechanical concrete polishing is the most environmentally friendly floor preparation available. It is best to just wash with warm water. If the finish ever becomes dull after many years of heavy foot traffic, a simple application of sealer and burnishing brings the original sheen right back. This is a quick and inexpensive process if needed.

The Benefits

Cost Effective

Mechanically polished concrete and terrazzo floors last practically forever. No, really! The floor will probably outlast the building it’s in. Durability and low maintenance floors mean a lower lifetime cost for you.

Light Reflective

A highly mechanically polished concrete or terrazzo floor reflects the light in the room, making it brighter without extra lighting.

Environmentally Friendly

These LEED Certified floors are a green choice for the flooring in your building and a great choice for the environment. Concrete can be recycled, and when mechanically polished, it releases very few chemicals into the air, making the air safer for the people in the building to breathe.

Low Maintenance

Mechanical polished floors are extremely low maintenance. Because they are polished using special grinders, the floor does not need to be waxed or polished with chemicals regularly to maintain its shine. They are also a time saver, as they clean up easily, and as soon as the polishing process has been completed, they can be walked on immediately.

Beautiful Flooring

The shine of a mechanically polished concrete or terrazzo floor is hard to beat. Even if your old concrete floor isn’t attractive in it’s unpolished state, you will be amazed with how beautiful it is when mechanically polished. They can be dyed, engraved with logos or covered in artwork for even more interest. If you’re unsure what to add, our team can help select the right complement for your space.

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