Concrete Flatwork

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Concrete Repair & Replacement

Concrete is a hard, durable material. However, it can get worn out and damaged by regular exposure to harmful elements, such as moisture, extreme heat and cold, and heavy impact and traffic. This can cause deep cracks and settling. However, the Schilling Group can replace the broken slab (or slabs) and replace it with a brand new one that blends seamlessly with the rest of the existing concrete.

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Concrete slab replacement involves:


We will demolish the broken concrete and dispose of it.

Site Preparation

We will prepare the area where the new concrete will be poured, including drilling dowel holes and placing rebar or other concrete reinforcement materials.

Place & Finish New Concrete

We will place new concrete into the repair area and finish it to match the texture and surface profile of the surrounding concrete.

Saw & Seal Joint

The final step is to form or saw joints at the patch boundaries. A sealant is then applied. This final step accommodates the new slab's expansion and contraction.

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